NORMAL FACIAL – Comprises cleansing, toning, massage, mask and protection to maintain the natural beauty of the skin.

AROMA FACIAL – Essential oils have a potent and specific curative properties that are transferred to the skin  relaxing your body and mind.

COLLAGEN FACIAL – It aims to retard the aging process by replenishing the skin’s natural proteins by external application.

DIAMOND – A powerful age control treatment. Diamond influences the tissues of the human body and facilitates decongestion and promotes to remove toxins.

GOLD FACIAL – Gold is one of the softest metal and is absorbed by the skin. It helps Lymphatic drainage, accelerates cell renewal and reversing oxygen damage.

OXYGEN FACIAL – Oxygen facial provides instant revitalization using the most powerful level on natural energy. It helps to transport oxygen molecules directly into the skin.

PEARL FACIAL – Research has revealed that pearl influences the transfer of Melanin ( natural pigment ) to the skin surface, filtering the sun’s rays and counteracting sun damage. It also contains amino acid, minerals and proteins that provide an even colour tone.