EYE TREATMENT -  This treatment is designed for the delicate skin around the eyes that helps to revitalize and nourish the skin removing lines, wrinkles and darkness.

SCALP TREATMENT – Specialized treatment for hair problem like dandruff and hair loss. It helps to stimulate the follicles and create a germicidal environment.

ACNE TREATMENT – This treatment helps to decongest and purify the skin, curing and soothing eruptions. Formulation have powerful healing properties.

THERMOHERB TREATMENT – It is like a mini face lift, which deep cleanses, restores balances and tightens the skin. Its based on ancient thermal mask which hardens, generates heat and creates ideal temperature between itself and the skin where skin absorption is highly efficient. As it hardens, it tightens pores, sculpting the facial contours, minimising wrinkles and improving skin elasticity.

VEGETABLE PEEL – A powerful treatment for texturising the skin. Vegetable peel makes skin clear, smooth and free from blemishes. It helps in restoring health and beauty of the skin and aids the regeneration of new cells.