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Treat yourself to Indian herbal rejuvenation right here in Melbourne.

Rimmy’s Indian Herbal Beauty Treatment is transforming the way Melbourne perceives modern beauty care. With a vision to empower women to take control of their lives through their innate ability to look and feel attractive, Rimmy is bringing the latest technology in traditional herbal and ayurvedic treatments to Australian shores. Following decades of refinement of the ancient herbal traditions and formulae, Ayurvdeic products have acquired a global presence today. Declared as a hallmark of beauty, safety, effectiveness and quality, the innovate range of beauty products and treatments that Rimmy provides ensures the ultimate salon experience guaranteed to exceed customer expectations.
Boasting a wealthy 12 years of experience in the beauty industry, Rimmy stands out as a professional who not only understands women’s quintessential beauty needs, but endeavours to meet them through her professional expertise and refreshing personality. Derived from pure plant ingredients, her treatments provide all the elements required for a total skin and body care routine. The natural care offers the unique benefit of an integrated system of salon care and product excellence.
Your stress and worries will melt away as you step into a haven of tranquility, with a soft candle-lit atmosphere, relaxing music and the fragrant aroma of essential oils. It is the ultimate internal and external beautification process you don’t want to miss.
Experience the unique and luxurious herbal fusion at Rimmy’s for yourself. Indulgent treatments for pampering and skin improvement Enjoy the care of an industry leading beauty professional Melbourne’s premier beauty destination